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VLCC To Spend Rs 200 Cr By 2013 Aiming Growth

Riding high on the rising demand for skincare items, VLCC stated that it plans to launch a novel variety of products in the anti-pollution group and will spend around Rs 200 crore by 2013 on domestic and abroad development.

VLCC healthcare managing director Sandeep Ahuja stated, “We will launch the anti-pollution range by the end of this month, which will be priced affordably. It will cater to a far greater population. It is a whole range of products from sunscreen to shampoos and we have high hopes for that.”

Mr. Ahuja stated that the products will be priced below Rs 100, which is far less than its other items.

VLCC, which has attendance in seven nations, with around 20 outlets, is also making plans to swell its overseas footprint.

“We added three new countries – Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Qatar. We plan to open another outlet in Dhaka in six months, the second in Doha by this year-end and Kuwait by early 2012,” Ahuja said, adding that VLCC proposes to launch a manufacturing division in the Middle East by the next two years.

Wellness and beauty firm, which has 163 slimming and beauty centres in approximately 102 cities across India, projects to roll out 15 new company-possessed outlets in the xsiting financial year.

VLCC also anticipates doubling its franchisee outlet strength from the subsisting 35 to 70 in a period of one year.

“We are targeting a 25% growth and aim to be a Rs 1,000-1,400 crore company in the next two years. We will spend Rs. 100 crore each year for the next two years,” he added.