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New Ice Cream Sandwich to Hit Market Soon

You will now see a new and completely changed Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich to serve your needs. Yes, Android 4 has gone under complete overhaul of the interface.

Also, its users do not need to work on the hardware buttons because they have been now replaced by virtual Android buttons for menu, back and home as well.

Some more features that the new Android 4 will feature are: unlock using face recognition, improved camera, built-in photo editor, Android Beam NFC (near field communications), a new tabbed web browser and a new gallery layout. Moreover, users can also enjoy better copy/paste results, improved keyboard, widgets, launcher, efficient video recording, clear voice recognition, search and voicemail.

The confirmations about Android 4 have been released by Samsung, which has announced recently about updating its Galaxy SII to Android 4.0. But, the company has yet not cleared the date when the update will be available. So, users will have to wait for some more time to enjoy the services of the updated device.

People worldwide are waiting for Samsung to officially launch its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phone in the United States. Sources have revealed some unusual reports about the CyanogenMod team, which according to reports, is serving up their take on the new mobile OS for certain phones right now.

CyanogenMod, the aftermarket firmware for Android phones is basically a ROM with the help of which, it becomes easier to get all kinds of new features and controls to Android, along with a slick interface. Reports have confirmed that the lead developers in the team are working hard since last few weeks to build a new CyanogenMod 9 (based off the open source code for Ice Cream Sandwich), which Google recently released.

Guidelines on banking licenses to be out soon

The guidelines on new banking licenses may be made available in the next three months, said the RBI on Thursday.

Talking on the sidelines of a conference, Deputy Governor of RBI, K C Chakrabarty said that the new framework may take three months to prepare. All depends on the complexities and the kind of situations that develop. But, he said that the RBI is trying very hard to get the guidelines very soon.

This comes a month after the Finance Minister Pranab Mukerjee said in his budget speech that the RBI can now give banking license to private NBFCs. This is being done so that the number of banks is increased.

While on one hand, it would help in better distribution of money, on the other it would allow the interested private players to enter into the banking sector.

As part of this, even the biggest insurer, LIC could get the license. LIC is already operating in the mutual fund and housing loan segment.

But Chakrabarty informed that all depends on the companies meeting the criterion set by the apex bank.