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Scientists Claim to have Found World’s Oldest Fish

It has been revealed in a recent report by the researchers from Japan and Australia that they have found the world’s oldest fish.

It was revealed that it has been discovered in the East Timor. The research team is of the view that this throws light on the intelligence and skill of the fishermen, back 42,000 years ago. The new archaeological discovery reveals the expertise of the fishermen

It was revealed by Professor Sue O’ Connor of the Australian National University that there have been as many as 2800 fish that have been caught, all those years back. She further added that this discovery also unravels the excellent cognitive skills that people used to have, in order to be able to make that huge catch.

It reveals that the early man had developed enough ways of survival and good ways of catching fish for themselves .This shows how intelligent man was since the beginning and how he had started planning for a future.

Scientists and archaeologists have found fishes like Tuna, barracudas as well as sharks, in the olden times.

“When I discovered it in 2005, I didn’t think that Jerimalai would tell us about the very early occupation of Timor. I was quite surprised when I found all these fish bones and turtle bones”, revealed Professor ‘Connor.

She further revealed that there has been excavation done on two small pits only so far, but they have found as many as 39,000 bones of fish, together with a number of other precious artifacts like animal remains, fish hooks, shell beads, bone points and so on.

She revealed that these sightings have unearthed the marine profession that had come into existence so many years ago, when man was slowly seeing evolution to become more than just the caveman.

Scientists Discover New Environment for Faster Growth of Stem Cells

Scientists have revealed that they have developed a new and a better way for growing stem cells. The scientists have found a new plastic surface, which would overcome the problems that were related to growing of stem cells. The standard surfaces have proved that the growth of stem cells is limited.

This new discovery was conducted by Glasgow and Southampton Universities. They have reported that this discovery of new surface would help them to create stem cell therapies for re-growing bones and tissues in the body.

In this study, the new plastic surface was created by a manufacturing process, which is similar as that of making Blu-ray discs. This surface is covered with tiny pits that have helped in the growth of stem cells. Due to these tiny pits, the stem cells can grow and spread into useful cells for therapies.

This research was performed by Dr. Matthew Dalby, from the University of Glasgow with colleague Dr. Nikolaj Gadegaard and Prof. Richard Oreffo of the University of Southampton.

“This new nano-structured surface can be used to very effectively culture mesencyhmal stem cells, taken from sources such as bone marrow, which can then be put to use in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and connective tissues, ” says Dr. Matthew Dalby.