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Mars Vehicle Ready to Go!

It has been revealed according to a recent report that the US space agency NASA is hoping to launch a brand new robotic rover for the exploration of Mars. This is being done to find the signs of life on the red ball.

The name of this rover is the Mars Science Laboratory, and it is going to be a huge vehicle being sent to Mars for the first time. It is a six-wheeled vehicle and shall be ready for launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, from an Atlas V Rocket.

This is like a dream vehicle the NASA has been devotedly working on, since years. This is one of the best developed vehicles sent to space so far and the NASA, as well the entire world has high hopes from it.

The price of this monster vehicle is USD 2.5 billion, and the name is Curiosity. The main aim of this Space machine is to find information from Mars, about the possible life that was ever present there. There is also going to be hints found on whether life is now possible on Mars.

There is a robotic arm that the great vehicle has and has a drill that is attached to a host of scientific features as well. It has two clear video cameras as well. It is also going to collect rocks and soil from the surface of the planet.

The time it will take to travel to Mars is approximately nine months, if all goes as planned, and then it is going to be able to give information and data to the scientists back home. If there are interesting facts found on the planet, this might be one of the most historical achievements made by man in the modern day.