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Maruti Suzuki Proposes Rs 6000 Cr Medium Term Investment

Maruti Suzuki has eyed a medium term investment of Rs 6,000 crore, portion of which will be used to fabricate vehicle stock yards in India by the next 1-2 years.
After introducing the novel edition of ‘Swift’, Maruti Suzuki Chief General Manager (Marketing) Shanshank Srivastava stated, “Maruti Suzuki has planned a medium term investment of Rs 6,000 crore for building of stock yards and manufacturing unit in the country.”
Country’s biggest car manufacturer launched its initial stock yard with a capacitance to park 2,000 units in Bangalore that recently turned functional.
The second yard would be introduced Nagpur, whilst the sites for some others are yet to be determined.
Mr. Srivastava added that one of the yards would also be set up in Madhya Pradesh.
Out of the said Rs 6,000 crore investment, about Rs 1,800 has been spent on the company’s second manufacturing facility at Manesar near the national capital, which would be ready shortly.
Around Rs 1,900 crore will be invested on the third division, which will also come up at Manesar.
Remaining finances would be used on a research and development plant at Rohtak, stock yards and brand centres.
Maruti Suzuki envisages establishing 14 brand centres in India to exhibit its products.
While talking after the introduction of the novel ‘Swift’, he said, Maruti Suzuki’s sale chart had grown sharply with around 12,000 units being sold on a monthly basis in the country.

NICE Proposes to Disapprove the Use of the Drug Lucentis

The NHS had disapproved to provide financial support to a drug named Lucentis, used in treating diabetic macular oedema (DMO). As per a new direction issued by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the drug undervalued the cost of the laser treatment.

To this, Novartis, the producer of the drug was very disappointed and opposed to the decision of NICE. Novartis reveals that the reason of its underrating the laser treatment is that, the treatment only guaranteed prevention of further vision loss, but the drug assured improving the vision in every four out of ten cases.

Even the experiment made on the drug confirmed that the drug is capable of improving the eyesight by reducing the chances of loosing vision by 3%. As per Novartis, “Individuals with visual impairment due to DMO could greatly benefit from ranibizumab, a treatment which can potentially restore vision rapidly, often within a week of receiving the first dose, prevent vision loss and sustain visual improvement”.

Whereas, NICE believed that the company manufacturing the drug undervalued the quantity of the drug that the patient will require in the future. However, Lucentis was approved by the European regulators in January for DMO and is already the standard of treatment for wet aged-related macular degeneration (AMD).