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Quality Bakers Goes Gluten-Free

With increase in demand of gluten-free cakes, Quality Bakers have unveiled a bakery shop at Huntly, which is apparently a pure gluten-free bakery.

The baking company had paid out more than $2 million in establishment of the new bakery. The Company will not offer any wheat based products in the shop. The bakery aims to produce the best tasting gluten free products such as bread, slices, cakes and cookies.

The new bakery has been opened in association with two most popular and well loved New Zealand brands, Vogel’s and Ernest Adams, whose gluten free products will be manufactured at Huntly. The new establishment includes products such as Vogel’s 6 Seed Gluten Free Bread, Ernest Adams Gluten Free Raspberry Slice and Ernest Adams Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.

As per Roger Gray, Managing Director of Quality Bakers New Zealand, “We are also delighted to be supporting the vibrant community of Huntly with jobs that will put the town at the centre of gluten free manufacturing with products being delivered to consumers from the Cape to the Bluff”.

The gluten-free products have become popular with people of New Zealand because of the coeliac disease increase. With the availability of gluten free bakery items, people allergic to gluten can enjoy these products.