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Ferraris Showroom Launched in India

For the first time, Ferraris show room has been launched in India. The show room has been established in Delhi. The Ferraris is a car to die for. Since the launch, it has attracted many customers in India and abroad. The car is given a special look, during its manufacturing which is amazing and different from any car industry.

If you are a fan of cars then it is a must for you to understand how brilliant minds put their effort in constructing a car to suit your desires and life style. Just like a baby before being born is nourished and taken care inside the mother womb similarly, the Ferraris engineers design the car, taking care of its miniature requirements.

The atmosphere inside the industry, where the car is produced, is conducive for the engineers and for the car. Everything is put in order so that no confusion is caused. Besides, plants are also encapsulated inside the unit to make sure that the oxygen level is maintained and is adequate. The greenery inside the manufacturing unit symbolizes environment friendly production.

Moreover, adjacent to its manufacturing unit is a museum containing some fabulous Ferraris from over the years, including one of the Scagliettis that took part in a Ferrari drive through Asia, a few years ago. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the new Ferrari 458 Italia is all set to hit the road. It has been told that car produces 562 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque.