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Qualcomm applies for BWA spectrum

One of the main players in the field of advanced wireless sector, Qualcomm Incorporated has applied its bid for the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum.

It has submitted its application with the government and expects to get an answer very soon.

The leading provider of services, technologies and products in its area of business, Qualcomm has taken this step so that it is able to make Indian partners after the bidding is over.

This is in compliance with the requirements of the Indian Foreign Direct Investment regulations, which ask for an Indian partner with a foreign company, whenever it is looking for investing directly within the country.

The other reason behind this step is that Qualcomm wants to show its capacities in the field of TD-LTE technology. It is looking for partners who can compliment it in this filed, so that it can use the upcoming 3G technology to the fullest of its advantage.

Qualcomm is certain that it would find a partner just in time before the 3G technology is launched in India. With that it will be able to provide its users the best possible experience in the segment.