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Under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Poonam Bharadwaj and Mr. Sehajvir Singh, NewsTonight Group has been successful in quickly carving a significant niche for itself among readers who value our in-depth, investigative reporting. The readership numbers have been growing and so is the size of our team.

The current web management team includes…..

Editor in Chief
Mrs. Poonam Bharadwaj

Sub Editors-
Monica Anand Business News / Regional
Hitesh Mehta Business News / National
Mukesh Yadav Regional News Punjab
Rohit Trivedi Regional News Haryana & Chandigarh
Shreya Basu Technology Sector
Shanker Pradhan Politics / Regional
Mohit Parande Politics / National
Jatinder Ahluwalia Regional News Haryana
Pratibha Minhas Health News
Sanjeev Banerjee Business News / Outside India
Nisha Thakur Business News / HealthCare

Senior Reporters-
Abhishek Chauhan Business News / Regional
Sunidhi Arora Business News / National
Alok Onawale Regional News Haryana & Chandigarh
Amar Kapadia Technology Sector
Nina Gautam Politics / Regional
Rajinder Gill Politics / National
Rajesh Soni Regional News Haryana
Kavita Verma Health News
Kartar Sandhu Business News / Outside India
Meena Shihora Business News / Outside India
Kishore Pandey Business News / HealthCare
Sukhbir Brar Business News / Stock Markets

NewsTonight Group also features guest columns. The current guest columnists have been listed below.

Mark Lanham
James Strassmann
Karen Cassidy
Katie Frashier
Vanessa Cannamela
Salvo Canalis
Andrew Lombardo
Nicole Sirani
Lucilla Giuffrida
Andy Pandele
Stefania Nicoletti
Marcella Desimone
Danilo Perolio
Albert Danton
De Maso Giovanni
David Bonfy
Daniela Perotto
Loretta Grazzini
Marilena Garbo
Ginevra Sanguigno

We welcome contributions from experts and guest columnists. Please contact us for further information.

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S. G. Infotech Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.,
Gosal Farms,

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