You Can’t Even See the World’s Smallest Car!

You Can’t Even See the World’s Smallest Car!

Recent reports have revealed that there has been a recent development that might be called a breakthrough in the field of nanotechnology. It was revealed by a research team from the University of Groningen in Netherlands that it is actually a device made for nanotechnology purposes, and that it has only a few basic similarities with a car.

It has four wheels and an internal framework that could make it look somewhat like a car, well, to someone who can see it because it’s the size of a molecule and not visible to the naked eye. Electrical pulses will be used to keep the car moving and functional, and they are powered by millivolts. For each half turn taken by the car, it shall require recharging of energy.

Scientists have revealed that though people shouldn’t expect to see these cars speeding past them on streets soon enough, they can expect this to be a part of some major findings done in the field of nanotechnology.

This might seem to be a partly fictitious venture but it might soon be of great help to scientists in other fields of technology.

“To build the nanotechnology of the future like nano robots, machines and transporters you need something to fuel it.' 'There is a great incentive to build motors at the nano scale”, revealed Ben Feringa, of the University of Groningen.

It might soon be used an excellent tool for expertise in a number of other fields such as for busting crimes and making detections secretly. It was further added that the future of this discovery is yet hard to be predicted, but it is still going to help in the fundamentals that determine about any discovery in the time to come.

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