Researchers Preparing Wireless Power for Heart Implants to Cut Infections

Researchers Preparing Wireless Power for Heart Implants to Cut Infections

The power cord used during the heart implants has to be inserted through a patient’s belly. Almost 40% of patients experience infections due to the aperture in the belly and therefore the patient has to spend a lot of time in hospital. In many cases sometimes the infection leads to abrupt deaths.

The presence of that cord turns out to be quite inconvenient and becomes troublesome for patients while taking baths.

Keeping in mind these complications the researchers from the University of Washington (UW) and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) have been trying to develop a system that will assist in transmitting the power wirelessly to heart pumps.

The researchers’ team of the two universities has created a sample that will use a transmitting coil which will propels the electromagnetic waves from a battery at a specific frequency and another coil will take up the energy from those waves.

UW Professor Joshua Smith Said that wireless power has been considered as providing less power but in their system the efficiency of power will not change with distance.

UPMC Heart Surgeon Dr. Pramod Bonde said, "My primary interest is to help heart failure patients recover, and they can only recover if they are not tethered to a battery or external power supply so they can exercise and train their heart to recover".

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