Prostate Cancer Screening: To Be or Not To Be

Prostate Cancer Screening: To Be or Not To Be

There has been a debate going on for years and years in the field of medicine. This is about whether or not it is right to get screening for prostate cancer. The PSA test for prostate screening is actually a very dangerous one and might put a person to the risk of the disease, even though he is already not.

This is the reason healthy men, are advised not to take this test, as far as possible, safeguarding them from the potential side effects it might bring.

Many men, across the world follow a routine check- up which includes testing themselves for the disease each year. There are now two teams, one is of the view that the screening is effective and helps in preventing the disease, at least to a certain extent. The other group however is of the view that the test in turn increases the PSA levels of the patient and this becomes a dangerous position for him.

There is also a debate on whether the PSA level of a man is able to detect Prostate cancer. It was further added that there is n o guarantee that this test will be able to find out prostate malignancies.

So men are caught in decision-making, of whether or not to get this test, whether or not, it is any good, and whether or not, it puts one to an increased risk of the disease. “If I’d known I’d be in diapers the rest of my life or impotent I would never have agreed to the treatment”, said many men.

On the other hand, it is clear that Prostate cancer is one of the most widely spread cancer in men, and there is need for the effective protection and control of the disease.

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