Mixed Martial Arts Needs Safer Rules

Mixed Martial Arts Needs Safer Rules

Mixed Martial Arts could be good sport but it needs certain alterations, which could make it safer sports as well.

Recently, 41 years old Queensland native suffered a stroke, while having mixed martial arts session with his partner. This incident has given birth to a debate that the martial art form needs to mend in a way that could include protection level as well.

In the incident, the person was grappling his partner when his neck suffered a strain and he suffered from stroke. Commonly this kind of martial art is being performed by children, but this case has become a kind of warning for the parents that their children could also become victims of brain stroke.

There are certain actions in mixed martial arts, which could be quiet taxing for children. For example grappling, in this one participant holds the neck of other participant in order to overcome him, but that could choke the airway passage leading him to suffer from stroke.

Experts were of the view that they though Mixed Martial Arts is great form, it needs better education campaigns, which would make it safer for children. Dr. Michael Slowey treated the Queenslander, and affirmed, "At the end of the day no matter what the sport is, I don't think doctors are going to get much chance of changing the rules”.

The Emergency Medicine Australasia journal published article has also talked about the problem being faced by Mixed Martial Arts sportsmen. It is one of the sports, which is finding great popularity in the world. Therefore, it is equally important to adopt safeguards in this matter.

Main Reason to suffer stroke as explained by doctors is tear in the vertebral artery. This leads to brain stroke, as it is the one, which supply blood to brain.

It is expected that Federal Government would introduce some measures to make mixed martial arts as a safe sport to play.

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