First Eco-Friendly Bike Launched @ Rs 26,000

First Eco-Friendly Bike Launched @ Rs 26,000

The world's first environmentally-friendly bike was revealed in Pune by Ayub Khan Pathan, an electrician, who together with his fellow workers, productively created the solar bike that runs on solar power.

While talking to reporters, Pathan stated that after three months of uphill struggle, the eco-friendly bike is lastly all set to hit the roads.

The mechanical parts of the bike have been transmuted in a way to permit it to work on solar rays, making it soundless as well as pollution free.

He added that with the enhancement in the prices of petrol, the bike is an ideal option as it has solar rays DC panel and DC supply together with a battery charger.

With a button start, the newly launched solar bike can cover up to 50-60 kilometers without energy fuel.

The average of the bike will be around 200 to 250 in the day as the battery will get completely charged.

In case of cloudy weather conditions, the bike batteries can be charged with the help of a multi-use socket.

At present, the price of the bike is Rs 26,000 and may diminish to Rs 16,000, after large scale production is undertaken.

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