Babies Can Sense Fairness, Altruism, says research

Babies Can Sense Fairness, Altruism, says research

As per reported information, a novel research, which was conducted by researchers from America’s University of Washington, has disclosed shocking and interesting traits regarding the nature and attributes of infants aged 15 months or more.

The study reports, which have published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE (PLoS ONE), claim that babies tend to have an intense and precise sense of altruism and equality, and they are capable of remarkably expressing their unhappiness if food is not being allocated equally among individuals.

During the study, children were seen two videos, one in which food items were being distributed equally among different individuals and in the second video, the distribution of foods was not even and fair. The researchers claimed that kids watched the video featuring unequal distribution with deep seriousness and concentration, which clearly implies that children, aged five years or more, are highly concerned towards unequal distribution of food.

Expressing her belief about the findings of the research, Psychology Prof. Jessica Sommerville, of the University of Washington, claimed that the findings simply imply that the standards of altruism and sprite are more promptly noticed by infants than it was ever conceived.

In addition, Prof. Jessica, who steered the study, claimed that altruism and sense of sprite in infants are strictly interlinked. For illustration, children who are extra-receptive to fair sharing of food items are expansively open to sharing their loved toy.

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