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TRAI Keen on Eradicating Pesky Calls, Messages

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is in the thick of things these days. Not long ago, it dropped a limit on the number of SMSs that a user can send on a daily basis and now, it has stressed that a strict and stern action is deeply required by Telecom service providers in order to entirely wipe out the threat of unsolicited messages and commercial calls.

TRAI officials said: “We are doing an audit of what the service providers are doing and we have found that some service providers need to tighten their measures”.

It is likely to finalize suggestions for blocking stolen and lost mobiles by the end of 2011 with the intent of curbing the illicit practice of handsets market. In addition, it will also discourage the extensive theft of mobiles, not counting the misuse of the stored personal information and other imperative data in such handsets.

While expressing his opinion regarding the guidelines, a TRAI official asserted that the recommendations were expected to be revealed by the end of November, the process has been delayed a bit as TRAI has encountered a few issues related duplicate IMEI numbers being used extensively in mobile handsets accessible all over the market, which is not all that easy to track. And therefore, TRAI is effectively working on soling the issue of concern at earliest. Though the officials of TRAI are not sure how much time will it take in fixing the said issues, it is being expected that TRAI authorities will find some way out to tackle fake IMEI numbers by the end of this year.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI, is a unique serial number allotted to handsets for easing out the process of identification, when and if needed. The number is recorded in the database of EIR, the Equipment Identity Register, of the service provider.