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HTC Promises Combat

It has been revealed in a recent report that HTC has said that they are soon going to come up with new and improvised version of their products, for various needs of the people. It has been said in wake of the competition that prevails in the cell phone markets about quality and features.

HTC is of the view that they are not going to come up with phones that are like the others, and have similar features. They are of the view that they are going to bring newness in their designs and features, and will bring new models of HTC phones next year.

This came after the revelation that the firm had dropped its sales levels in the past one year and was performing at its worst, in the race of smartphones. They are of the view that they are going to come up with improvised versions to keep up with the growing competition of the market.

In a statement, the firm also said that it wasn’t another firm like Nokia, which has seen decline in the dominant position in the markets.

The firm was of the view that it is still capable of fighting the competition offered by other brands in the market and that it is going to fight back with new versions of the HTC phones.

“We will focus on the product next year, better and more competitive. Other than new LTE phones for the US market, we also have phones for the global market. We will launch some worldwide flagship products. We’re confident in them”, revealed Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung. They are of the hope of seeing better results in the time to come.