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Glenmark Celebrated World Health Day

Medicine manufacturing company Glenmark organized a campaign to celebrate the World Heart Day in Kochi, India. The Company organized a number of health-related activities, which were attended by 200 people of the region.

The camp was held at the Lions Community Hall, Kadavanthara, where free heart check-ups and information about heart-related diseases was provided by health experts. Also, doctors and patients’ rally was carried out. The doctors also provided free tests for diabetes and blood pressure to the people who attended the camp.

According to Dr. Shaji C. S., Clinical Cardiologist, Maharaja’s Government Hospital, Karivelpady, patients suffering from blood pressure and cholesterol were also provided with free medications at the camp. Dr. Shaji also delivered an informational speech to the people gathered to attend the camp. Dr. Shaji revealed that following healthy diet results in avoidance of heart-related sickness.

Also, a rally was carried out on 24th September, which was attended by 2,000 people of the region. The rally aimed to make people conscious about the seriousness of heart-related diseases and informed people about the negative effects of hypertension. As per Dr. Thillai Vallal, Cardiologist, “Most people spend about 60 percent of their waking hours at work, so healthy choices at the workplace are critical for overall wellness”.