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Contraceptives Can Offer Unique Function

Giving an interesting claim, Dublin’s Cork and Trinity College researchers recently claimed that a common contraceptive drug, used for the pregnancy prevention, can certainly perform many other unique functions.

However, the announcement was made after the researchers claimed that while doing an experiment with the pill, they were shocked to see that it positively strengthened the light sensing cells in the eye in mouse models of degenerative sightlessness.

Meanwhile, all these thrilling statements were published in the Neurochemistry journals.

The journal reports further claimed that Norgestrel, an artificial progestin drug usually used in hormonal contraception procedure, helped in the avoidance of a certain type of death cells entitled as apoptosis in retinal growing cells.

Sharing his views about the study findings, UCC’s biochemistry department lecturer, Prof. Tom Cotter commented that certainly this medicine appeared to be working by inspiring the manufacturing of a protein endurance feature known as FGF from adjacent cells in the eye, which positively assisted the light detecting cells to stay alive and further allowed the animals to observe inn a better way.

He added, “It ‘beefs up’ the cells, makes them stronger and better able to resist the destructive effects of the damaged gene that causes the disease”.