Surging Elective Surgeries Affecting Waiting Time

A recent report has highlighted that the waiting time period at the public hospitals for elective surgery are still higher. The MyHospital website has recently revealed that public hospitals are doing quite well in performing elective surgeries. However, it was also noted that the patients seeking elective surgery at public hospital are made to wait longer.

In the last five years, the admission to elective surgery, in the public hospital has increase by 2.5% as about 621,000 patients have contacted public hospital for elective surgery. It has been informed that 50% of the patients were made to wait more than 36 days to go for the surgery.

Longer waiting period can leave dire effect over the health of the patients. However, the good news is that fewer patients, as compared to earlier, are waiting longer for elective surgery. Since 2007, public hospitals have operated
130,000 elective surgeries.

It has further been revealed by MyHospital website that the emergency departments of Australia are becoming quite busier. There is need to large number of patients could be provide with treatment.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that with the pursuit of bringing awareness among people about health care importance a competition is being organized. The competition is mainly for the people residing in the rural areas of Australia.

The competition is being organized by the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) in collaboration with Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). Both the organizations work towards promoting health care. The NRHA, is non-government body, it aims at promoting health and wellbeing at remote and rural areas of Australia.

The winner of the competition will be gifted with $1000. It is open for all creative people. Moreover, the picture of the winner would be imprinted on the AIHW’s next year publications.

FTC Resolves Privacy Issue at Facebook

Blaming Facebook for its alleged role in carrying out “unfair and deceptive” practices, the Federal Government declared a broad agreement that needs Facebook to maintain high reverence for the privacy requirements and hopes of its users. As a result, the company will be subjected it regular privacy audits for the next two decades.

The order, which was declared on Tuesday in Washington by the Federal Trade Commission, is apparently influenced by modifications made by Facebook in the manner in which it governs the personal information of its users. The changes were made by Facebook earlier in December 2009. The commission argued that Facebook, without offering its users any sort of notification or soliciting their consent in this regard, enforced public information that the Facebook users wished to remain private on their personal pages.

The order also claimed that the social networking giant, having in excess of 800 million users all over the world, in majority of circumstances permitted its advertisers to garner personally identifiable data when users clicked on any of the advertisements displayed at their Facebook pages. Since long, the company claimed that it is not sharing any sort of personal information of its users with the advertisers whose ads are displayed on the personal webpage of a user on Facebook.

The order further claimed that Facebook had in fact, contracting to its policies as mentioned to its users while they sign up on the website, shared user data with advertisers and also with outside, third-party, application developers.

Making the allegations even stricter, the FTC committed deemed that even after a user deletes his or her account on Facebook, the company is still permitting an access to videos and photos.

While expressing his opinion in a long blog post, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the company had committed “a bunch of mistakes”, but he claimed that it had already solved various issues highlighted by the FTC

Telecom Ministry Presses For Strategic M&A Guidelines

There is no doubt left that post the 2G scam, the telecom industry was taken aback and that is why so much was being talked about the same. There was desperate need to clear out lines of operation so that all the involved parties can get satisfaction. There are recent reports that the communications ministry is in favour of making the M&A norms more liberal so that the best possible services to the customers can be provided.

However, the complete draft has not been made public, close sources have made it clear that there should not be more than six or seven players in a circle (service area). It has been told that post a deal, it should be considered that of the entire total stake, the combined entity should not have more than 25% of the total available airwaves in that region.

Apparently, the telecom department (DoT) panel is not that keen to go with the recommendation given by the TRAI. There is call for making combined entity’s market cap not more than 35%. However, the matter would be discussed by the Telecom Commission in the time to come. There are chances that the matter would get some final look in the next meeting on December 1.

However, bringing the industry, the ministry and the opposition to one common point is not that easy and who better than Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal can tell about this, who would be seeking Cabinet’s approval before enforcing NTP.

There is confirmed news that Telecom Minister would be putting up his best efforts to ensure that this matter is being resolved between the government and service providers soon.

“I will meet with the industry players soon to discuss the 3G roaming issue, industry players have sought time and I am hopeful to resolve the issue”, said Sibal.

New Ice Cream Sandwich to Hit Market Soon

You will now see a new and completely changed Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich to serve your needs. Yes, Android 4 has gone under complete overhaul of the interface.

Also, its users do not need to work on the hardware buttons because they have been now replaced by virtual Android buttons for menu, back and home as well.

Some more features that the new Android 4 will feature are: unlock using face recognition, improved camera, built-in photo editor, Android Beam NFC (near field communications), a new tabbed web browser and a new gallery layout. Moreover, users can also enjoy better copy/paste results, improved keyboard, widgets, launcher, efficient video recording, clear voice recognition, search and voicemail.

The confirmations about Android 4 have been released by Samsung, which has announced recently about updating its Galaxy SII to Android 4.0. But, the company has yet not cleared the date when the update will be available. So, users will have to wait for some more time to enjoy the services of the updated device.

People worldwide are waiting for Samsung to officially launch its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phone in the United States. Sources have revealed some unusual reports about the CyanogenMod team, which according to reports, is serving up their take on the new mobile OS for certain phones right now.

CyanogenMod, the aftermarket firmware for Android phones is basically a ROM with the help of which, it becomes easier to get all kinds of new features and controls to Android, along with a slick interface. Reports have confirmed that the lead developers in the team are working hard since last few weeks to build a new CyanogenMod 9 (based off the open source code for Ice Cream Sandwich), which Google recently released.

Ericsson Join Hands with Airtel

It has been reported that the Swedish firm Ericsson has finalized a deal with Airtel in order to handle more than 70% of Airtel’s network in India, whereas Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) will be handling the rest of the parts, though the authorities have not disclosed the amount as of now.

“This unique multi-technology managed services partnership with Ericsson will help us focus on creating a compelling service proposition for our customers, as we look to ramp up our market access”, said that Airtel’s Chief Executive Officer for India and South Asia, Sanjay Kapoor, while briefing the contract. Under the spell of the contract, Ericsson will be liable for surplus 15 service areas such as managing Airtel’s networks in regions of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, UP, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, the North East, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Chennai and Kerala.

In a statement, the company said that Bharti Airtel is one out of the leading global telecommunication companies that successfully delivers its services in around 19 countries across Asia as well as Africa. The service provider has refined its managed services agreement with Ericsson, especially for Indian operations.

In addition, the company authorities have also notified that the five-year contract will support multi-vendor and multi-technology, where Ericsson will be liable for operating maintaining as well as providing its services across 70% of Bharti Airtel’s network across India. Simultaneously, Ericsson will be employed to manage Bharti Airtel’s prepaid customer base.

Sanjay Kapoor has claimed that India can be observed as the third largest internet market with a noteworthy increase in the data traffic, higher number of smartphones as well as wireless networks. Ericsson is believed to have a significant role to create Airtel’s 3G networks in Indian service circles.

Video Games Might Affect Your Emotional Activity

Playing a video game is the favorite time pass for all. But do you know what consequences it leaves on young minds. A recent study has found that young minds who are engaged excessively in playing violent video games can have severe damage on their frontal brain regions.

It is for the very first time when the researchers have showed a link between violent video game and brain damage. The frontal brain regions, is the area where emotional activity takes place. According to the researchers, young minds in the habit of playing violent video games turn less emotional.

The study was conducted at the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Indiana University School of Medicine. Youngsters in the age group of 18 to 29 were recruited. These young minds were divided in two groups.

The first group was asked to play video game for ten hours a week. However, in the next week of the study, the researchers were asked not to play video games. The other, however, didn’t play video game at all.

The researchers were encouraged to conduct the study after the recent revelation of “pathological Internet misuse”, a condition in which people becomes addictive of gaming and internet. This addiction is also described as mental disorder.

The advent if 3-dimentional graphic and life-like sound has made it difficult for the people to resist the temptations. Therefore, parents have been encouraged to bring in those games which are in accordance to the development of kids’ brain.

Holidays are the most vulnerable period in which kids get hooked to the video games. It is hoped that acknowledging the findings of the study, people will pay greater emphasis in deciding which video game to be purchased. The researchers would now be conducting a separate study to gauge the affect of gaming on health.

Harvard University Researchers Design Super Soft Robot

There is one thing that is driving the robotic field going crazy and that is development of super soft robots. For quite some time now, its importance has been getting across the scientists and they have been trying to develop flexible and multi-functionary robots.

One such effort was being made by Harvard scientists where they have built a super soft robot, which is capable enough to pass through from tightest space. This four legged robot is quite active than many other hard body robots.

It could be designed in such a way that it could even reach inside the sleekest space of the earth quake crack, or could pass through narrowest space of window pane. This pliable robot could even be commanded to go even at most steepest slope. When needed, it could even be deformed without any hassle.

This project of Harvard University was being funded by the Pentagon’s research arm and its complete details have been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Robert Shepherd, who was involved in the making of robot, informed that it took them 60 days to make this four legged robot. It is 5 inches tall and being four legged it is multi functionary where all his legs could be used for individual works.

This is the reason that it is able to crawl and pas through even the narrowest of the place. Researchers said before presenting this robot to the world and before claiming that it could slither, they conducted an experiment.

In this experiment, they made him pass through a glass pane, which was just a quarter inch up from its surface, but it less than a minute for this robot to pass through it. Some more transformations are needed, said researchers which would soon be made.

Adobe Photoshop: The Photographers’ Delight

The world of photography has advanced rapidly over the years. Nowadays, photography is more like an art, passion, whatever. It’s an amateur profession where people find hobby striking with living. Modern celebrities and models photographers and photo journalists in fashion magazines and adverts are buffed with using digital polish, day in day out. They are up for any sort of challenge coming their way. Be it moderate restyling like colors brightened, red eye removal, a placing a stray hair in apt order and healing a pimple, or maybe a drastic shedding of weight, say around 10 or 20 pounds, erasing all blemishes and wrinkles, and adding a few inches of height – all are no problem when done with Adobe’s Photoshop software, the magic wand of photo experts.

While expressing his opinion regarding the highly effective version of Adobe Photoshop software and all the effective operations one can carry out on it, a professor of computer science and a digital forensics expert from Dartmouth, Hany Farid said: “Fix one thing, then another and pretty soon you end up with Barbie”.

Though there exist some issues in it as the feminist legislators from Britain, Norway and France claim that they want a special labeling on all digitally altered photographs. Earlier in June, the American Medical Association was abiding by a policy on advertising and body image that wanted advertisers and all other involved in the process to “discourage the altering of photographs in a manner that could promote unrealistic expectations of appropriate body image”.

Dr. Farid revealed that he was immensely intrigued by the issue once he read regarding the photo-labeling suggestions in Europe. For him, categorizing photos as either modified or not was too dull for an approach.

In this regard, he carried out a research for calculating the extent to which fashion and beauty images have been modified. The reports have been made available in this week’s edition of the journal “The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.

HTC Promises Combat

It has been revealed in a recent report that HTC has said that they are soon going to come up with new and improvised version of their products, for various needs of the people. It has been said in wake of the competition that prevails in the cell phone markets about quality and features.

HTC is of the view that they are not going to come up with phones that are like the others, and have similar features. They are of the view that they are going to bring newness in their designs and features, and will bring new models of HTC phones next year.

This came after the revelation that the firm had dropped its sales levels in the past one year and was performing at its worst, in the race of smartphones. They are of the view that they are going to come up with improvised versions to keep up with the growing competition of the market.

In a statement, the firm also said that it wasn’t another firm like Nokia, which has seen decline in the dominant position in the markets.

The firm was of the view that it is still capable of fighting the competition offered by other brands in the market and that it is going to fight back with new versions of the HTC phones.

“We will focus on the product next year, better and more competitive. Other than new LTE phones for the US market, we also have phones for the global market. We will launch some worldwide flagship products. We’re confident in them”, revealed Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung. They are of the hope of seeing better results in the time to come.

Mars Vehicle Ready to Go!

It has been revealed according to a recent report that the US space agency NASA is hoping to launch a brand new robotic rover for the exploration of Mars. This is being done to find the signs of life on the red ball.

The name of this rover is the Mars Science Laboratory, and it is going to be a huge vehicle being sent to Mars for the first time. It is a six-wheeled vehicle and shall be ready for launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, from an Atlas V Rocket.

This is like a dream vehicle the NASA has been devotedly working on, since years. This is one of the best developed vehicles sent to space so far and the NASA, as well the entire world has high hopes from it.

The price of this monster vehicle is USD 2.5 billion, and the name is Curiosity. The main aim of this Space machine is to find information from Mars, about the possible life that was ever present there. There is also going to be hints found on whether life is now possible on Mars.

There is a robotic arm that the great vehicle has and has a drill that is attached to a host of scientific features as well. It has two clear video cameras as well. It is also going to collect rocks and soil from the surface of the planet.

The time it will take to travel to Mars is approximately nine months, if all goes as planned, and then it is going to be able to give information and data to the scientists back home. If there are interesting facts found on the planet, this might be one of the most historical achievements made by man in the modern day.